Introducing “Build & Burn,” a dynamic 6-week fitness program meticulously designed for incredible women like you, seeking that perfect blend of strength, calorie-burning joy, and the essential ingredient for progress and injury prevention: mobility work!

This program sparks a transformative journey towards a stronger, leaner, and more empowered version of yourself

Strength Training with Progressive Overload

Amplify your strength as the weeks progress, ensuring consistent growth and resilience throughout your fitness journey.

Effective Conditioning Workouts

Burn calories and improve your endurance through purposeful conditioning exercises, making every session count.

Dedicated Core Strength Day

Strengthen your core muscles, laying a robust foundation for a powerful physique and injury prevention.

Integrated Mobility Day

Enhance flexibility and prevent injuries with a dedicated day to improve your range of motion and overall mobility. This ensures each muscle and joint is primed for peak performance, maximizing your gains during strength training sessions.
Who’s it for?

Build & Burn is right for you if

You're eager to burn fat, improve your body composition and ignite your fitness

You crave a stronger, sculpted you

You're tired of hitting plateaus and ready to level up


efficient workouts

Make the most of your workout with warm-up, strength, conditioning, and cool down all in just 60 minutes! The program sets you up for 5 workout days a week, each with a specific focus, including an exclusive day for mobility. And guess what? You’ve got an additional day designated for active recovery, where you can throw in some core work if you’re up for it! It’s that extra bonus we’re giving you for a total of 6 workouts a week!

at home and gym options

Seamlessly adapting to every setting, whether conquering a commercial gym or your own home gym, “Build & Burn” is tailored to include exercises with equipment accessible in both environments. This way, you can maximize your fitness journey no matter where you choose to sweat it out!

designed for all fitness levels

No matter where you stand on your fitness journey, we’ve carefully considered alternatives for every move, ensuring everyone can experience the empowering burn that propels you closer to your goals.

in-app Progress Tracking

No more hassle of papers for tracking! The VIVA app offers you a tracking tool feature where you can input and monitor your weights and reps to ensure consistent growth and development.


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