Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the VIVA App STRONG Challenge. Over the next 4 weeks, sculpt a version of yourself from the ground up – one that’s robust, confident, in control, and ready to conquer your health and fitness goals.

This isn’t just about workouts; it’s a holistic approach designed to empower you with the tools and community needed to thrive. The STRONG Challenge is your invitation to a comprehensive fitness experience, where strength is not just physical but also mental, and where every aspect of your well-being is prioritized.

Join us in crafting a version of yourself that radiates strength, confidence, and control.

Within the VIVA community, we’re not just embracing the challenge; we’re embracing a lifestyle of empowerment. Let’s redefine what STRONG means together!

Building Foundation

Focus on form, precision, technique, and mind-muscle connection guidance to construct a robust foundation for your fitness journey. Regardless of your fitness history, we’re shaping a sturdy pillar that will leave you feeling more confident, stronger, and absolutely ready to conquer the new year!

Cultivating Healthy Habits

No more all-or-nothing approaches. Instead, we’re all about clear, achievable goals that seamlessly fit into your life. It’s not about drastic changes; it’s about making small, impactul and sustainable tweaks one at a time.

Stay Accountable and Learn

Experience weekly accountability check-ins and educational calls with Mariuxi. Your dedicated time to ask questions, clarify doubts, and stay on the path to success.

Community Forum

Connect with fellow VIVA women in a lively community forum, specially crafted for the Build Challenge. Join a supportive community that celebrates every step of the journey, together!

Who’s it for?

STRONG is right for you if

You're aiming for a reset, a fresh start, or a restart in your fitness journey, prioritizing your health and fitness for the long haul.

You're done with trial and error and ready to invest in expert guidance with two-way communication, a space where you can educate yourself, learn, and have a coach to keep you accountable.

You're looking to join a community with similar goals and mindset – a tribe for support, creating an engaging and enjoyable journey towards strength and well-being.


Structured Workouts

Tailored to target upper body, lower body, and core strength, each routine includes a dynamic warm-up, focused strength exercises, and a cool down. Expect an estimated workout time of 45-60 minutes, strategically planned for four days a week. Following the progressive overload principle, these workouts set you on a path of continuous improvement, ensuring every session brings you closer to your fitness goals.

exercise alternatives

Crafted to cater to every setting and fitness level, “Build” ensures that fitness is for everyone. Tailored exercise alternatives are seamlessly integrated, making it accessible for individuals of all fitness levels and workout environments. Your journey is personalized, ensuring that no matter where you start, you’re on a path to success.

In-app coach messaging

Your fitness journey gets a personal touch, making every step more connected and achievable. With access to Mariuxi just a message away, you have direct communication with your coach, ensuring support, clarification, and motivation whenever you need it. 

in-app Progress Tracking

No more hassle of papers for tracking! The VIVA app offers you a tracking tool feature where you can input and monitor your weights and reps to ensure consistent growth and development.


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